Friday, September 19, 2008

Men Who No Longer Make the Cut

I was standing at the bus stop today, musing about life. Well, about my romantic life. Same thing.

I realized that for most of my dating life, I never really knew who I was. This meant I freely gave of myself in ways I didn't realize could harm me in the long run. Turning 30 really does present a new kind of gift. You're suddenly aware of your actions. You look deeper in order to figure out what brings you the greatest joy. And from where I stand now, compromising my principles for some random penishead really doesn't seem like an intriguing plan.

So here's what I've decided to avoid, now that I'm old enough to know better:

  • Incorrect Grammar (you're and your are particular sore spots)

  • Boys Carrying Skateboards

  • Guys Who Use the Words "My mom's basement" In A Sentence

  • Dirty Fingernails (for those who aren't archaeologists or construction workers)

  • Dirty Minds (unless during a mutually reciprocal exchange)

  • Anyone Who Tries To Feel Me Up On A First Date (this is not a compliment as I was led to believe during my youth)

  • Guys Who Check Out Other Girls' Asses In Front of Me

All in all, the list is pretty easy to follow. Creating a list of the things I'm more than happy to accept. Well, no blog in the world is long enough for that.

1 comment:

Date Girl said...

It is so good to see you posting again. I've missed reading your blog!
I laughed out loud at the you're and your. They are very different!!! When will people realize this?
That's a great list you've got there. :-) Glad to have you back Candy Girl!